Volume 91, Issue 80

Thursday, February 19, 1998

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New student program right on line

By Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

An interactive Web site for students interested in course transferability is set to be unveiled in a ceremony this afternoon at Ryerson Polytechnic University by the Council of Ontario Universities.

The Student Equivalency Program will allow students to look at Ontario universities' course calendars online to determine if certain courses can be transferred to the school of their choice.

The incredible demand of transferring students is what led to this new service, said COU spokesperson David Scott. "This tool will allow students to know exactly how many credits will transfer."

Additional benefits include less paperwork by both the post-secondary institution and the student in determining whether the courses can be considered equivalent. "Currently, students have to apply before they find out how many courses they will receive – this is much more cost and time efficient," Scott said about the new system.

However, high school students could also benefit by researching the course offerings, prerequisites and equivalences in order to plan their education, he added. A staff member at the Ontario Universities Application Centre will be put in place to update the Web site on a daily basis.

Western's deputy registrar Rob Tiffin said the Web site certainly is an asset to transferring students but he does not believe it will cut down on students' questions, but may add some in regard to course averages which also need to be checked for equivalencies.

The Web site is currently only being offered with Ontario universities but Tiffin said transfer courses between colleges and universities would be good to see in the future in addition to having the program branch out into different provinces.

"Anything that can make bureaucracies better is a good thing," said University Students' Council President Ryan Parks. Yet Parks disagreed with any future transferability of courses from colleges to universities. "It is a possibility but I hope the university would protect its liberal arts foundations."

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