Volume 91, Issue 80

Thursday, February 19, 1998

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Don't let your precautions slack off

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

If you're going away this slack week, don't forget to pack your common sense – you may need it.

As students prepare to close the books for a week of rest and relaxation, there are a few precautions to add to the checklist before saying bon voyage!

Const. Lucy Grzechowski of the University Police Department offers some advice for those planning a trip for the week and tips on how to ensure your home or apartment is secure when you are away.

When travelling:
– Have adequate medical insurance to avoid hospital bills – especially in countries that require you to pay upfront.
– If taking medication, take in its original bottle, don't transfer to another bottle due to different countries' laws on certain drugs.
– Make sure you have the appropriate vaccinations.
– When travelling with luggage, make sure it is locked and don't leave bags unattended. Only use first initial with surname on luggage tags.
– Take advantage of safes in hotels for storing money or jewellery.
– Let family members know of your itinerary and provide a phone number where you can be reached.
– Do some research on the country you are travelling to if you have never been there before to get to know their laws and cultures.
– If you are driving, have your car completely checked before you leave, take a cellular phone for emergencies and lock valuables in the trunk.

Tips on how to leave a secure home or apartment:
– Lock all doors, windows, garages and sheds.
– Let a trusted neighbour or friend keep an eye on your house/apartment, give them a key to come in and turn on some lights, pick up mail and newspapers.
– Tell a neighbour where you are staying and how they can reach you.
– Set a timer for exterior lights.
– Turn down the ringer on your phone so it is not evident you are not home.
– Don't leave a message on your machine that you are not home.
– Keep a record of all your belongings and their serial numbers – if anything is stolen, articles can be traced by their serial number through the police's country-wide computer system.

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