Volume 91, Issue 80

Thursday, February 19, 1998

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The right to clone

In response to the collapsing border between science fiction and reality, the life clubs at Western and King's College are resurrecting standards of ethics with a presentation comparing cloning and technological innovation with moral responsibility.

In a lecture entitled "Cloning whom, by who's wisdom?" Larry Renolds, a London family doctor and Father Michael Prieur, a biomedical ethicist and lecturer, will probe the negative implications of such experimentation, said Theresa Picard, president of the Western life club.

Prieur said the debate will be centered around issues such as embryonic testing and research.

The presentation will take place March 3 at 3 p.m. in the McKellar Room of the University Community Centre.

–Tara Kimura

Acadia back on track

Students at Acadia University are breathing a sigh of relief as the threat of a strike by the university's faculty has been dismissed.

The Acadia University Faculty Association agreed to accept the administration's offer in a ratification vote Tuesday night, said Bruce Cohoon, director of Acadia's office of public affairs.

The AUFU has been in a position to strike since Feb. 6 and reached a tentative agreement with the university's administration Feb. 9.

Faculty members have not been teaching with 'Acadia Advantage' laptop computers in the classroom since the beginning of January in protest of the administration's negotiations. They have been teaching without a contract since September.

–Carly Greene and Sara Marett

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