Volume 91, Issue 80

Thursday, February 19, 1998

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Benefits don't add up

Re: Selfish and spoiled will stop bus pass, Feb.10

To the Editor:
Although, as A. Lamers would say, I am a "spoiled rich kid" because I have a car, I'll refrain from using arguments with absolutely no basis in fact. There is no argument with the fact that if I were to take the bus daily, I would surely rather pay $75 than $400 per year. However, the fact remains that not everyone takes the bus daily.

A. Lamers argues that even students who live within walking distance of the school would have no objection to the proposed bus pass for several reasons. As a student who has lived within walking distance of the university, I have to disagree. It is suggested that the bus could be used instead of a cab to go out on Friday night. The problem with this is that the buses stop running at midnight and frankly, as a woman, I do not feel safe taking the bus alone at night to meet my friends. Before I owned a car, I took a cab rather than the bus for that reason alone. Now, forgetting Friday nights, there are other issues which are more relevant to university.

I have taken the bus to school before I had a car. The funny thing is that more often than not, I walked, even though it took a half an hour. Why, you ask? The reason is that not all bus routes run every 15 minutes until midnight. To avoid wasting time waiting for a bus or being at school at inconvenient times, I walked. Not only that, but I found it very difficult to get to school and back for my evening classes. With the concern of safety, taking a cab was my only option. People may think with the $1.5 million revenue that we will be providing the London Transit Commission, they would ensure improved service to students, but the LTC will not guarantee any changes.

Now, I know A. Lamers has stated that those having a car should not worry about a "mere $75" when they could just give up a night of drinking, but I can think of better ways to spend $75 – it's called groceries. Having a car doesn't mean that I have an endless supply of money and that tuition increases do not worry me as much as other students. If you would like to take $75 off my parking pass, then by all means, I would support the bus pass. And whatever you may believe, it is certainly not beneath me to use the LTC.

Nita Kemp

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