Volume 91, Issue 80

Thursday, February 19, 1998

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I win, you lose

Re: Not convinced pass is best deal, Feb.12

To the Editor:
Mr. Hogeterp, perhaps if you spent less time quoting from your dictionary and more time focusing on being the 'no' campaign manager, you wouldn't be paying $75 for a LTC bus pass next year.

Never did I choose to attack you personally, rather I chose to address your constant whining. I had the opportunity to watch your 'no' presentation (if you contend that it actually was one) at Saugeen-Maitland Hall on Feb. 8 in which you presented one argument: "I don't want the bus pass because I drive to school." HA! If you still have that trusty dictionary handy, Mr. Hogeterp, I'm sure that YOUR picture, not mine, will be next to the word selfish.

I chuckle at your ignorance. You feel that a bus pass is beneficial to "some students at Western." I don't pretend to know the actual statistics on how many students drive to school versus those who walk or bus it; however, I do know that the MAJORITY of students feel the way I do. In the real world, Mr. Hogeterp, majority spells out "the greater good" that I referred to previously. In fact, the bus pass now has the potential to benefit everyone in some way. Students living on campus and those within walking distance are that much further from downtown areas. I imagine that most of those on campus don't plan on spending the entire year in a Western bubble.

In your situation, might I suggest that you take the advice of newly elected USC President Ian Armour (congratulations are in order by the way!). In the same Feb. 8 presentation, Mr. Armour claimed that although he has a car and drives to school, he will make good use of his LTC bus pass. He has chosen to park his car at a friend's house closer to campus, hop on the bus and save hundreds of dollars on parking permits. You seem to be quite concerned with the $75 price tag; I have a solution. Just like magic, you can save hundreds of dollars on parking and gas. See, this is what a logical argument sounds like.

Let me also point out that many things at Western are shared costs. Student fees include many services and facilities that go unused and untouched by many. I am sure that a man with your intelligence can arrive at the conclusion that having an opt-out option for everything is simply not feasible. "Transportation at Western has never been a shared cost." Eat your words, Mr. Hogeterp – now it is.

Amber Lemieux
Psychology I

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