Volume 91, Issue 55

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

well hung


Democratic failure

Re: Canadian strike fever, Dec.3

To the Editor:
I read The Gazette on a regular basis and I admit it is fun to listen to average folk rant about this or reply to that. We are a funny breed, us university peoples. So passionate about the truth that oft times we neglect to appreciate the goodness in the "truth" of our friends, as bizarre as that truth may be.

I sat down with your paper and was struck by a horrible feeling. You see, Jeff Cooke wrote a little letter to the Editor regarding the uprising of the working class. I assume that he is not a fighter for the communist left. I also assume he is just feeling a bit sad that this market driven, spiritually stagnant, plastic democracy is simply not working. For this, I concur with Mr. Cooke, it is sad.

I've noticed that a lot of people are upset about political correctness and how to act in a "correct" society. I've also learned that in writing a letter it is important to cover up your meanings with brilliant satire or other clever tools. I see this as sad.

So, friendly Editor, I would encourage you to find out more about this Jeff Cooke. Is it true that he believes that fascism is the answer to getting more accomplished? Does he have "The Answer"? Is he working towards a truth of his own?

Timothy "Dutch" van Bodegom
Sociology III

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