Volume 91, Issue 55

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

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A difference of opinion

Re: Welcome to the jungle, Dec.3

To the Editor:
I hope that the majority of Gazette readers remember with detail Mr. Theobald's letter. I admit that I didn't read Ms. Archer's letter, but I am only responding to Mr. Theobald.

It's nice to know ignorance is still alive and well. It makes the rest of us, whatever our particular set of labels, look better. The key to ignorance, as always, seems to be generalization. With a little editing, Mr. Theobald's letter could have been talking about almost any group in our society, whether distinguished by skin colour, sexual preference, income level, cultural or religious heritage, etc. The best part is that no matter what he was talking about, Mr. Theobald would have appeared the same to the reader. Narrow-minded, fascist and intolerant are the words which came to my mind. Strangely enough, Mr. Theobald seems to take these as compliments from Ms. Archer.

And by the way, Mr. Theobald, watch what you are saying about arguing one's case with "emotional fluff that is devoid of meaning," especially when you quote the bible near the end of your letter. Contradictions that big should be separated by more than two paragraphs. The separation should be as great as the one between faith and fact. I can't believe I share a faculty with someone who can't understand that.

James Tait
Honours Chemistry IV

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