Volume 91, Issue 55

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

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Casselman's the buff and the beautiful

SOMEBODY GOT AN AB MASTER FOR CHRISTMAS? Mark Casselman's hard work in the gym has paid off now that he's the spotlight of this month's edition of Men's Fitness magazine.

By Ian Ross
Gazette Staff

Planning to set a New Year's resolution to work off the bulge? Perhaps Western's master of kinesiology student Mark Casselman can make a few suggestions. A former Mustang football defensive back and Kinesiology Students' Council president, Casselman was chosen by Men's Fitness magazine as the January edition cover model after winning a reader's model search which ran last spring, the first for the magazine.

Answering an ad that read 'You feel good, you look good – you are good. So why aren't you on the cover of Men's Fitness?', Casselman was selected by the magazine staff to best fit the image of healthy living after a thorough screening process.

"I saw the ad in late May and thought to myself 'what the heck?'," the St. Catharines native said on his venture into the world of modeling.

Inside the issue, Casselman is featured through a series of 35 photographs in a professionally developed year-long weight training program.

Back home in London, Mark follows his own personal routine that entails spending an hour a day in the gym.

"The key is to focus on variation and avoid stagnation and boredom," he said. "You see people at the gym doing a repetitive cookie cutter routine, but what they need is to stay fresh to keep their intensity high."

A diabetic, Casselman said he must monitor his blood sugar levels closely during his weight training to prevent illness, but it has become as routine as brushing his teeth.

"Mark always took great care of himself," Mustang football head coach Larry Haylor said. "His physical preparation was the cornerstone of him being a Mustang."

Bobby Lee, an assistant editor of Men's Fitness, said the contest was in response to letters complaining the models used in the magazine did not truly represent the reader. The contest rules stated that anyone who reads the magazine and isn't currently working professionally as an actor or model was eligible to enter.

"By using a reader it proved that they can stack up to regular models," Lee added.

To shoot the cover and feature, Casselman and his girlfriend were flown to California for a full week with all expenses paid, during which time he spent three days posing for the camera for 10 hours a day. He said the experience was a chance of a lifetime, but he also gave credit to professional models, saying the long hours and hard work was not as easy as he first thought.

In addition to the attention he received from the magazine, television tabloid Inside Edition aired a short feature on his selection.

"When you have gone through the process you are ready for the exposure," Casselman commented on his new-found fame. "It was everybody else who hadn't watched me [in the process] who were stunned."

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