Volume 91, Issue 56

Thursday, January 8, 1998

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Re: Western Internet Access

To the Editor:
Just a comment with regards to the wonderful people at ITS. In my first year, modem access was $35 for the entire year of unlimited modem access. Today, that fee (which is nonexistent at some schools) is $80 for 40 hours per month. That's alright I suppose because, hey, it is a service.

Have you ever tried to dial into the UWO server in order to surf the Net or to do research for a paper? How often this year have you received a busy signal? And if you do manage to get through during peak hours of modem usage, you will often find a wonderful message that says: "Modem pool group undergrad of 150 maximum users has been exceeded." Let me see if I got this straight: There are over 5,000 undergraduate Internet accounts here at Western, all of the residences are wired with RezNet and yet ITS only has modem capacity for 150 undergraduate users at a time? Why?

Isn't there sufficient funding to allow all students to be logged on, or at least more than just three per cent of the people with accounts? Perhaps ITS should re-evaluate its budget and spend the money it receives on things that are needed and not lose money on projects like getting Saugeen wired into a tremendous loss like they did two summers ago.

As well, one can wonder why there is a significant discrimination against undergraduate students. Did you know that graduate students don't even have to pay for dial-up access? Yes, they get 40 hours per month absolutely FREE. So why is it that undergraduates must PAY for this "service" whereas graduate students have a right to free access? I suppose people that drive and park in the Springett lot can also concur with this discrimination. Often, the undergraduate parking lot is full whereas the graduate lot (which is closer to campus) lies half empty; of course, the fact that the graduate lot is twice as big is notwithstanding. Why??

Boris Rafaj
Economics-Politics III

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