Volume 91, Issue 56

Thursday, January 8, 1998

El nino


Save the trees

Re: International Socialists

To the Editor:
My complaint is with the International Socialists. Now don't get me wrong, I like the IS people: I agree with them politically, I've marched in their rallies and I think they have great buttons. But I'm wondering if they have heard about a little movement called environmentalism. In my daily 10 minute walk to school there must be a hundred signs advertising the latest IS function. Every post, hydro box and slow-moving dog is plastered with posters. Now I realize that the International Socialists may think environmental concerns have to be suppressed for the glory of the proletariat revolt but who do they think profits from all those crisp, white photocopies? Don't they realize that every lamp post that they paper with the mighty Che's picture is feeding the pockets of some capitalist lumber king? Come on guys, it's time to get into the '90s: the 1990s.

Adam Harwood

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