Volume 91, Issue 58

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

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Open your eyes

Re: Save the trees, Jan.8

To the Editor:
Adam Harwood offers rather ludicrous grounds for criticizing the International Socialists – their bleached white posters' effect on the environment.

Never mind the fact that the IS aims to forcibly deny my absolute right to peacefully trade with others and then to murder me when I resist. Never mind the millions of purposely starved kulaks and the White Sea Canal. Set aside the tens of millions of innocent people enslaved in the Gulag and the misery of hundreds of millions of others. That wasn't the "real" communism that you nice guys want to impose on us, was it? Let us further pretend that the earnest four-eyes who hope to steal my stuff and enslave me in tribute to their illusory and undefinable god, "the common good," will not early one morning find themselves in the basement of some Butyrki, waiting for the "nine grams" assigned to them by the ruthless factions who inevitably take power under the totalitarianism the IS seeks. Consider the mountains of sun-bleached skulls as experimental error en route to the state withering away.

'Cause it's about bleached paper.

This is somewhat akin to condemning the Nazis for the toxic emissions from the crematoria or opposing communism on the basis of its own appalling environmental record.

"Promoting plunder and universal enslavement is cool, but in the course of it, guys, let's be sure to respect Mother Nature." Do I understand this correctly?

Mike Davidson
Scholar's Electives II

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