Volume 91, Issue 59

Wednesday, January 14, 1998



Shut up! (please)

Re: Consideration during exams

To the Editor:
A wonderful thing happened during the 1996-97 exam periods when the UCC stayed open for 24 hours and the Educational Resource Centre was a designated quiet study area. For students who can't concentrate at home, tire of the library or wish to study after midnight, the ERC was a safe, comfortable and quiet refuge. Hey, my average even went up by almost 10 per cent last year!

So Christmas exam season of 1997 came and I, unknowingly, climbed to the third floor of the UCC with all my belongings, anxious for several hours of uninterrupted study. When I got to the ERC and found that it had turned into a late-night party room, I was disappointed to say the least. Groups of guys had pushed tables together and were having a great time uniting with friends, who noisily walked in and out of the room. Cell phones rang every 10 minutes and people made no effort to keep laughter and voices down. ANNOYING!

A total lack of consideration and respect was displayed by the patrons of the ERC this last exam period. But, I guess I can't really blame them since there were no signs posted to remind students not to meet for social purposes or engage in group study. I urge the USC to designate this as an area of quiet, individual study for the 1998 Spring exams. It is of great benefit to many students.

Amy Kohl
Foods and Nutrition IV

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