Volume 91, Issue 60

Thursday, January 15, 1998

round and round


Shaking, not stirring

Various Artists
Tomorrow Never Dies OST
A & M Records

Soundtracks to James Bond films are always known to contain loud and suspenseful original scores, plus a theme song recorded by a major artist played at the beginning of the film amid the silhouettes of naked women shooting guns.

The soundtrack of Tomorrow Never Dies, the latest James Bond film to grace the screen, is no different in its organization, but very different in its quality. While the original score is quite intense and suspenseful, the popular artist-recorded material is an abomination, employing the artists to write music they have no business writing, which leads to horrible songs and very disturbed ear drums.

Sheryl Crow has created a song that relies on a strong, sexy voice and unfortunately, the song doesn't work. It sounds unnatural for her, almost as if she is trying too hard throughout the entire song.

Crow's song, however bad it may be, does serve a purpose. k.d. lang's song on the soundtrack, entitled "Surrender," does not. It is yet another example of an artist way out of her genre. Although lang has been noted for her acoustic material which has been quite good over the years, she has really faltered here. She employs a full orchestra and winds up sounding like a Liza Manelli impersonator in Vegas rather than herself.

With the exception of these two songs, the rest of the album is average. It is a classic James Bond score, filled with the familiar James Bond theme, played by instruments ranging from violins to synthesizers. Composer David Arnold hasn't created anything spectacular, but it is worth hearing. The only real gem on the CD is the last track, a fantastic rendition of the classic James Bond theme by Moby.

–Dan Yurman

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