Volume 91, Issue 60

Thursday, January 15, 1998

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Capitalism a-ok

Re: Open your eyes, Jan.13

To the Editor:
It is such a relief to see Mike Davidson's letter denouncing Adam Harwood's approval of socialism; I thought that perhaps Mr. Harwood's letter would go unchallenged. Any person propagating a political system consisting of slavery and expropriation, masquerading as an advocate of "liberation," should be fought against by any individual who truly values his or her own life. As to the question of liberation, let's take a look at who makes it possible: big business.

Realize that a business can only go from small to big through the voluntary, unforced support of its customers. Government-imposed "public regulation" of business is destructive and unnecessary, as the public has always regulated big business – by buying or refusing to buy its products. Big business that does not treat its customers well does not stay big for long.

Big business does not make a profit at our expense; it represents a great benefit to society by allowing us to buy quality goods at low prices, which we would not have the time, knowledge or resources to make for ourselves. The automobile, telephone and more recently, the Internet (all made possible by big business) greatly increase our productivity, allowing us to earn more money and spend more time with our family and friends.

Let us take a moment to give respect to the capitalists who enhance our lives by offering us so much opportunity and to realize that the "liberation" from capitalism represents the "liberation" from all those values that make life possible.

Paul Chivers
Science I

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