Volume 91, Issue 61

Friday, January 16, 1998

Mr. Rogers



Girl power

Western's Oxfam Students' Association will be presenting a student conference on the development of women in the Social Science Centre's amphitheatre on Jan. 17 and 18.

"This conference will address the role of women as it pertains to development on a local and international level," said Cecily Nicholson, VP-student issues.

Speakers will create a forum on the improvement of the social and economic well-being of women all over the world. "Participants are hoped to gain a whole picture on how women are participating in development," Nicholson said.

All are welcome and admission is free.
–Maija Ambrogio

If you build it, they will come

The fifth annual Peter S. Higgins Structural Analysis Competition is getting under way today at 2 p.m. in the Engineering Sciences Building.

The competition, is open to all full-time civil and environmental engineering students who can enter individually or in teams of three. Details of the competition were announced Jan. 6 and qualified entries will be announced and tested today, said competition coordinator Nicholas Isyumov.

The first prize for the competition is $4,000, which corresponds to the tuition of a full-time engineering student and the second prize is $900, the cost of one year's books. Students are invited to come out this afternoon and observe the public testing.
–Lindsay Isaac

Kin hosts games

The Olympics may not have started yet but those interested can get a taste of the games at the 26th Annual Kinesiology Winter Games this Saturday.

The event is an all-day competition for 135 special needs children who will be ensured a fun day by the 300 student volunteers, said Kinesiology Students' Council President Beth Pinnington.

The games will take place in Alumni and Thames Halls with all participants receiving medals at the end of the day. "We want to provide a fun day for kids to come out and participate," Pinnington said.
–Sandra Dimitrakopoulos

Big Frosh on campus

Those interested in being head-honcho of Western's Orientation Week next year should pick up an application for the position of Orientation Officer 1998 in the University Students' Council office by Jan. 23

"Although there has been some uncertainty about next year's O-Week, we definitely need someone in this position," said USC VP-student affairs Meg Symsyk. She added interviews will take place Jan. 27.
–Sara Marett

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