Volume 91, Issue 61

Friday, January 16, 1998

Mr. Rogers


Future looks grim

Re: January blues

To the Editor:
Upon returning to school this semester, I was struck with a triple blow of extremely discouraging news. The first occurred even before I began classes. I lined up in order to pick up my OSAP for this semester, only to be confronted with a horrifying dilemma; I was to get a mere half of my expected OSAP funds. 'How am I going to afford to finish this year with so little money,' I thought to myself. This in itself was incredibly disillusioning.

Then, when I got to one of my classes, the professor returned our essays from the previous semester and, due to the frustration he felt from reading such poor excuses for writing, he felt obliged to point out just how badly our education system – especially the public system – is failing us. He pointed out that Ontario, in the 19th century, was considered to have the best education system in the world, but that today it is one of the worst – a mere shadow of its former self. In regards to world educational standards, other countries apparently view us as greatly inferior. Added to this is the fact that the university has had to lower admissions standards in recent years and things seem grim.

Finally, I have come to learn, as we all have, that the government is allowing the universities to significantly raise tuition costs. This means that I and more than likely others like myself, those who are paying their own tuition and rely on OSAP, may not be able to afford to finish three or four years of school. Moreover, entering a graduate program may not even be an option.

All in all, this New Year has been an assault of thoroughly depressing realities. I believe that we are headed for a dangerous future in Canada. I see for the future a country with many unemployed, poorly educated citizens, frustrated and angry. Much more than what we see now.

James Long
Philosophy I

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