Volume 91, Issue 62

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

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Biz school wanna-bes can now apply on-line

By Sharon Navarro
Gazette Staff

Renowned for its innovation, The Richard Ivey School of Business is setting the pace in cyberspace communications and offering their 1998 Honors Business Administration application exclusively on-line.

"We're always interested in change and by offering the application fully on-line, we're taking the business school into the next century," said Joanne Gibb, associate director of admissions at Ivey.

Each applicant who enters the HBA Web page creates a personal password. Security is a concern and with the password system applicants only have access to their own application which they can alter and edit until they are ready for submission, Gibb added.

"The new service has not been fully perfected yet and we require all on-line applicants to bring in a hard copy of their application along with the $100 application fee," she said.

On-line is in vogue these days because it not only allows for easier and faster access to the applications, but it minimizes the amount of paper work.

Although the majority of applicants to Ivey are Western students, Gibb believes international and out-of-province students will greatly benefit from this service as applications will be easier to obtain.

Current HBA students admit the advantages of on-line applications. "To be successful in today's business world you must be computer literate which Ivey greatly stresses right from the application process," said fourth-year HBA student David Nash.

Gibb said she does not believe this on-line service will dramatically increase application. Presently, she is unable to determine the affect of the on-line service because it is in its first year. "I know communications by way of the Internet is popular because since last Friday, there have already been 60 people in the Web site."

This technological method of applying to university may soon be available to all students as the Ontario University Application Centre plans to implement a similar service next year and have already introduced an electronic transcript service. "Applicants to Western must apply directly to [OUAC] who are in the process of offering on-line service to applicants next year," said Robert Tiffin, deputy registrar at Western.

The school is promoting this new application process in their pre-business classes as well as throughout the various Western media sources. However, double checking applications before submitting them is always stressed by the admissions department. "Unfortunately, after students submit their applications, they cannot retrieve them, so they must edit before they submit," Gibb said.

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