Volume 91, Issue 62

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Little Bo Greek


Bus pass unfair

Re: Referendum for bus pass, Jan. 15

To the Editor:
It's nice to see that as a person who does not ride the LTC, I may become responsible for subsidizing the cost of my fellow Western students who do ride on the bus. I drive to Western every day (riding the bus is not an option for me) so I am hoping that if I start paying for my fellow students to ride London Transit, they'll start paying my monthly car expenses. First there is gas, then my insurance payments and finally the cost of my yearly parking pass here at Western. I am willing to forget the cost of gas and insurance, but in all fairness, if I am subsidizing bus passes, then my cost of parking at Western should be subsidized as well.

John Silvester
Computer Science II

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