Volume 91, Issue 62

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

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Be kind to hockey

Re: Canadian hockey

To the Editor:
It would be absurd to blame the Canadian National Junior Hockey team's poor finish for the present situation in Canadian hockey. Our recent misfortunes, World Cup included, in no way signify our position. With the spirits of Graham James and Alan Eagleson desecrating this religious sport, it should seem ridiculous to focus on the misfortunes of our international play. The biggest dilemma I've heard across Canada was the injustice Mark Messier faced in not making the Olympic Team.

Sheldon Kennedy held his head low for many years throughout his secret life. The sexual abuse he endured in his amateur years with former coach Graham James directly affected Kennedy and the spirit of the game he once loved. Now, out of hockey for the time being and creating awareness wherever he can, Kennedy seems to be doing better. The arrest and imprisonment of his personal demon was a victory every Canadian should be proud of.

The deception of former hockey ambassador Alan Eagleson unveiled itself in a courtroom recently. The man who organized several international events, such as the Canada Cup, is now facing jail time. His embezzlement shocked many colleagues while putting a cloud over some glorious international tournaments Canada has won. It seems the law has rid Canadian hockey of another demon, but not before leaving its mark.

Canada should be proud these injustices have not gone unnoticed. Recent losses in the World Cup and the Junior tournament would be put into perspective. Hockey is a game dear to many Canadians. We put a lot of pressure on our players to win. With growing talent in the United States, Asia and Europe, our dominance may be limited. We have to accept and change.

Eric Toth
History III

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