Volume 91, Issue 63

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

grape vine


Literary Corner

Pillow Stains

Another teardrop,
Stains this wretched thing.
I watch from my couch
Our world in a box.

TV Channels click.

Here the B.C. Japanese:
We did our best, though they slept in shit.
No pillows there. No. Not for them.
Those Potential Could Be enemies.

Another channel here.

Oh look at the mother drone:
Feeds her fetus on glue fumes.
So send her to supreme court.
Where justice prefers to condone.

Tears flow on this pillow. Click.

Council here on Asian land.
Decide what to do with them now.
Their money is not as good it seems,
So we'll host the iron hand.

Click. Click. – mostly stuff on US.

Here is something good to see:
Cocktail Man for hire!
Though qualified and full of promise,
Too bad he's H.I.V.

Click harder. Drip.

This world in the box:
Place of broken dreams.
I shall stay upon my couch.
With pillow, tear, and stains.

–Mark Roby

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