Volume 91, Issue 64

Thursday, January 22, 1998



Snider still wants to rock

By Neil Malhotra
Gazette Staff

Where has Dee Snider been? At least that is the question everybody has been asking since it was announced the former lead singer of Twisted Sister would be appearing tonight at The Embassy. According to Dee, "I've been in hell, man. I've been really happy emotionally, relationship-wise, physically and that part of my life has been fucking great – but creatively, hell."

After two ill-fated groups, Desperado and Widowmaker, Snider has put together a group of old fans to play a 90-minute set of Twisted Sister's finest material under the name Dee Snider and S.M.F. In fact, on this tour, due to immigration problems for drummer Charlie Mills (the original Twisted Sister drummer), A.J. Pero will fill in for the four Ontario dates. "We've jammed on a couple of songs over the past couple of years, but this will be the first time we've played a full show together in the last 10 years," Dee says.

S.M.F. is a project Dee likes to take on the road once a month to keep in touch with the music. An exciting show is to be expected, But don't expect him to break out the make-up and costume just yet. The members of Twisted Sister are now on talking terms and Snider is saving those tools for a potential reunion that could be in the works down the road.

What else is Dee up to nowadays? "I am much more focused on the future rather than the past," states Dee. He recently started a syndicated radio program in the U.S. featuring '80s retro music.

His real love right now is writing and acting and, in particular, his film Strange Land. "That's my baby. It was based on a couple of Twisted Sister songs, 'Captian Howdy' and 'Street Justice.'" Dee wrote and will star in the fifth script he has written since he started in 1985. The movie has been backed by a top independent film company whose biggest film to date is Slingblade and the distribution rights have been sold around the world, including here in Canada. Talk of a sequel to Strange Land has already begun for the movie and will be released this fall. He is currently working to finish the editing so the film can be entered in the Cannes Film Festival.

It is quite surprising to learn Snider has been a family man since 1982. "I never did drugs, never drank. I was married and an athlete," explains Snider. "I actually think it hurt me because the fans wanted my stage performance to carry off-stage. They wanted me to get off-stage and to keep walking around in the costumes and make-up." Snider continued, "That's why I like writing and acting. People don't expect Clint Eastwood to walk around with six-shooters on his hips all the time and they don't expect Robert Englund to have knives for fingers. You can enjoy a performance and he can go play another role and people will recognize he is a performer and actor."

This year is shaping up into something big for Snider. With a big year comes an extremely busy schedule. "I've been trying to re-invent myself and finally this year the pieces are coming together," states an excited Snider. "Life is good. I'm having more fun now than I did in the Twisted Sister days." Snider will be found on the radio, television and the big screen in the coming year. More importantly he can be found around Ontario for the next few days with stops in Kingston, London, Toronto and Windsor. Dee's last words are simple, "Tell your friends to get their asses out to London to have them kicked royally by Dee Snider."

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