Volume 91, Issue 64

Thursday, January 22, 1998



Fraternities are not all baaad

Re: Baad Press, Jan. 20

To the Editor:
In the editorial titled "Baaad Press," many broad and unfair generalizations regarding the greek community were made. Instead of debating each and every one, I would like to approach the subject by making a few comments regarding the fraternity in question, the Delta Kappa Epsilons. As a spokesperson for the Western greek community, I would like to state that we have never accepted the DKEs as a legitimate fraternity because of their disgusting habits, traditions and sickening initiation rituals. Their actions and existence on campus is indeed a disgrace to the fraternity system. The official one-year suspension (expulsion) of the DKEs is something that had already been recognized, albeit unofficially, for years.

The InterFraternity Council's ruling did nothing but publicize an already felt consensus. The sheep prank is nothing new for the DKEs. It has been well known that they have been using sheep and other farm animals in their pranks and their initiation for quite some time. Due to that fact alone, their ostracization from the greek community years ago, came quite easily. To group the DKEs together with the rest of the Western fraternities is a grave injustice as well as an error of enormous proportions. Their own international headquarters have refused to accept their existence for the past three years. Do you really think fraternities at Western would accept these freaks when their own headquarters treat them as some sort of X-File.

Please don't judge the rest of the fraternities based on the actions of the unaffectionately-known "DKE's ARE FREAKS" fraternity.

Markus Templer
Robert Bevington
Brian Stevenson
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

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