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Tuesday, January 27, 1998



INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Champions of the London scene

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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. One of London's finest are the victims of a bad photo caption, but they play damn good music. Help them celebrate their CD release tonight at Call the Office.

By Erin Bateman

Gazette Staff

From the camps of Northern Ontario, enter Randy Pederson into the music world with his band Champion Sprout, along with the release of their first album, Sprautrauker.

Pederson's touch with the music enterprise has been extensive thus far. His interest was first sparked at summer camps while strumming a guitar at the fire. His high school career evolved around bands now known as Blinker the Star and Tinker. In 1993, Pederson set out to the music faculty at Western, however, the incessant confinement and lack of freedom led Pederson to set his trombone aside and head out to the music world alone.

This new-found freedom introduced Pederson to different faces and music. He gained a new perspective on low-fi music and the importance of not always attaining perfection.

"I got this new perspective on music that everything didn't have to be perfect." Pederson's music, influenced by bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh, was soon recorded on a four-track and was then transferred to a demo and handed out locally. In 1995, a new band including Pederson and Mark Woods of Frankenstein Five, among others, got together – and Champion Sprout was born.

A demo, Drenched and Mud Splattered, received raging reviews and set the group on the road to major music accomplishments. The next two years held numerous mini tours with Sean Barry (Fifth Beatle Records), but provided no pot of gold on the other side. In the spring of 1997, after a major rearrangement of band members, Randy Pederson, Rudy Harrington, Andy Magoffin and Steve Wiseman formed a complete line-up as well as the stable and present Champion Sprout.

Sprautruaker is an independent album put on the music scene by Champion Sprout alone. The album features 15 unique tracks including the slow melodious "It may have been said in confidence" and the raw, harsh "Freaky Zeak."

"We have no record label so we don't have to conform to record label pressures," Pederson says. This allows for freedom, independence and uniqueness from the first of many Champion Sprout albums.

The album release party of Champion Sprout is scheduled today at Call the Office. Along with the standard Champion Sprout line-up, Clay Corniel will also join the band for a "fuller" sound. As well as working with bands including Licorice Fix and Blinker the Star, Champion Sprout will also be releasing a single with Spy Glass within the coming month.

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