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Tuesday, January 27, 1998



Woman V-ballers crush Mac

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GET READY TO EAT THIS ONE FOR DINNER. Left side player Marnie Simpson gets set to smash down one of her many spikes against Wednesday night's victims, McMaster.

By Justin Klein

Gazette Staff

The Mustangs continued their unbelievable season by extending their record to a perfect 10-0 last night. Western's power and finesse was too much for the McMaster Marauders en route to a 3-0 victory.

The first game wasn't as easy as Western expected it to be, as McMaster was determined not to be swept like the last time they met. The Mustangs started off a little slow, committing too many unforced errors and not taking advantage of key opportunities. However, when the score became close, Bonnie Matsubayashi decided to block any ray of hope shining on the Marauders.

Matsubayashi, the five-foot-seven Toronto native, put the momentum in Western's lap with perfect setting and great serving. Western went on to win the first game by a score of 15-12.

"Bonnie is a great setter," teammate Marnie Simpson said. "She created opportunities that made every other player look better."

The second game resembled much of the first, as both teams played tight defensive volleyball. However, neither team had the momentum on their side until McMaster's Christine Irwin decided to get a little more aggressive, giving the Marauders the edge for a short time with some well-placed spikes. Fortunately for the Mustangs, Julia Brand made some important digs while Simpson led the offence with amazing power. Western managed to gain control of the game and McMaster showed their frustration by touching the net on some big points. The Mustangs continued to frustrate their opponents until the score read 15-13.

"I think we ran away from the game plan," said McMaster's head coach Tim Louks. "Our major weakness was our mental game, as we had a couple of net violations at timely periods."

The Mustang's dominated in the third and final game and seemed to have completely refreshed themselves between games. McMaster kept it close in the beginning, at one time even taking a 6-5 lead. But Simpson's spikes on the left side were too much for a bewildered Marauder team to handle and placed the ball perfectly between or off the chests of her speechless victims.

McMaster set up Jennifer Richardson for the kill on several occasions, but 6'1" blocker Stephany Cahill was there for some huge stops. The Mustang's did not look back, cruising to a 15-6 victory.

"We felt we weren't playing too well coming into tonight," Mustang head coach Dean Lowrie said. "But I am really happy with the outcome."

The Mustangs are now 10-0, which is the same record they held this time last year. Last season's first loss came at the hands of the Windsor Lancers who travel here today. The Mustangs look to carry their momentum into the game and hope history will not repeat itself. Game time is 6 p.m at Alumni Hall.

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