Volume 91, Issue 66

Tuesday, January 27, 1998




The biggest penalty of the game came at half-time – and the fans felt it the most.

Probably the most incredible thing about Sunday's Super Bowl, above and beyond the fact a 37-year-old quarterback miraculously led his team to a title, was that for the first time in recent history, football fans didn't have to put up with a lousy game and a lousy half-time show. The game was good!

Sadly for viewers, the last few years have been a dead heat, which doesn't say much for the half-time entertainment since the games of the 1990s have been stinkers.

It seems incredible that for all the money generated from this grandiose event, organizers can never seem to get a decent half-time show. Shouldn't the biggest single sporting event on earth have the single best half-time entertainment?

Where were the Rolling Stones, the Spice Girls or Oasis? Apparently wheeling the Temptations and Smoky Robinson out of their nursing homes was a more favourable option.

After listening to Jewel belt out the Star Spangled Banner, it looked promising that the orginizers of the big show were actually going to spend their time and money wisely at half-time. Nope. Foiled again.

"A little salute to Motown" they called it – a much less entertaining choice than the popcorn and hot dogs at the concession stands, where the fans went for enjoyment.

It must be done on purpose. The concession stands surely love a bad half-time show. Companies can rely on half-time to force people to run for food or simply to their fridge for another beer. The half-time show must simply be insurance for sponsors.

The people on the field seem to try so hard. So why does it suck so bad? It's a controversy and someone out there is responsible.

It seems kind of weird that in a year where there is so much new talent ,the promoters would stick with, once again, an old crew of performers, including the pre-game warm-up with the Beach Boys (since a Super Bowl isn't a Super Bowl without them).

Here's a possible line-up for next year. Tom Jones starts things off to spark the crowd, followed by an explosive group ensemble with the Spice Girls, Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys. That would cue the dropping of the Hanson brothers from a jet plane flying overhead (not to sing, only for the fans to watch them fall). And, of course, the Beach Boys would close out the night.

Or for safety's sake, just continue to pray for a good game each year – cause the half-time show ain't getting any better.

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