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Tuesday, January 27, 1998




Future grads, future donors

Foundation Western kicked off their Grad Pact fundraising campaign yesterday in the University Community Centre to the beat of some funky music played by student band, Ground South.

Established in 1991, the campaign targets students in their final year at Western, asking them to donate money to various faculties around campus.

"Thousands of alumni have given us amazing resources, such as bursaries, library resources and equipment. Now it's our turn to give back," said Carla Rogers, Grad Pact coordinator for Foundation Western.

Donations can be given to the chair of a faculty, the canvasser or directly to Foundation Western and can be pledged and deferred until October 1998 if the student does not have immediate access to cash.
–John P. Noonan

Tons of free stuff

The student financial crisis has been solved – for one student at least. First-year scholars electives student Erin Huner was the lucky winner of the University Students' Council free tuition draw on Friday.

"I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders," Huner said after being told she won. A London resident, Huner said she is not currently in debt but was getting through the year on a $2,000 scholarship and was happy about passing her tuition bill onto the USC next year.

Tammy Berman also hit the jackpot, winning prizes from several USC operations including gift certificates for the Wave, Western Film and InPrint. There were 21 students in total who won prizes.

USC VP-communications James Deans said there were about 1,500 entries and the tuition money awarded was based on the fees of a full-time undergraduate social science student.
–Brendan Howe

No debate about it

In the Ontario Inter-Collegiate Chinese Debate Competition Final on Jan. 19 in the Market Village of Toronto, the Hong Kong Concern Club took first place against the University of Toronto's Footprint Team beating them 10-3 in the final round.

The winning team included third-year psychology student Ramand Chan, third-year administrative and commercial studies student Ivy Mok, second-year HBA student Frank Kwong and second-year scholar electives student Michael Kung. While at the competition, Chan also became winner of the 1998 "Ontario's Best Debator" award.
–Sandra Dimitrakopoulos

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