Volume 91, Issue 67

Wednesday, January 28, 1998



CD REVIEWS: Deep dub hip hop tracks

For Monkeys

Joining the ranks of punk bands such as Bad Religion, Down by Law and NOFX, is Millencolin – Epitaph's newest addition to its dysfunctional family. Hailing from Sweden, Millencolin's new release, entitled For Monkeys, is a mix of youthful punk and ska-based songs.

For the most part, the tracks on For Monkeys are straight punk. And the music of these songs is generally good. However, the lyrics leave much to be desired. The band's prevailing "kid-punk" attitude means there is no revolutionary call, no attack of social ills and no middle finger pointing. Instead, the listener hears about turning 22 years old, how boring life is and soccer.

There are some all-around good tracks on the album which are hard-hitting speedy punk songs, discussing interesting topics. If the rest of the cuts on For Monkeys were like these, this album would smoke.

If Millencolin makes a conscious effort to be more creative, the result will be an excellent punk sound and a band able to survive in a genre full of intense competition.

–Eric Orticello

Deepwater Black
Inclonation Vol. One
Peg Music

The cover reads: "these tracks do not necessarily appear in the Deepwater Black series, but do represent part of the producers' DWB psyche." DWB is a sci-fi show that has successfully completed its first season and now the producers want to cash in on the name with the requisite soundtrack.

The music itself is an interesting collection of sample and electronic-based music from hip hop to dub to techno. The principle track is the show's theme song, "Inclonation," by Fred Molin – an array of hip hop beats layered with trippy samples.

As would be expected, Prodigy is the featured participant with their previously released contribution "The Heat (The Energy)." This is the only track from a major commercial artist on the compilation and was probably included to help sell a few extra copies. Regardless, it is the most energetic track.

The remainder of the CD takes on a very laid-back groove.

–Neil Malhotra

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