Volume 91, Issue 67

Wednesday, January 28, 1998



Southern exposure

Each day this week, Canada's leading media outlets have plastered U.S. President Bill Clinton's sex scandal in all it's glory on their papers and television broadcasts as lead stories. An act that should make Canadians wonder why, in a country of 30 million people, is our most important news from another country? Is nothing as juicy going on here?

However, in truth, it should really just make Canadians smile – the United States might be the world's biggest power but we're definitely smarter.

One look at the scandal this week shows perfectly how the families of the two country leaders differ from each other.

In the United States, the Clintons seem to be in the media daily, whether it be Hillary's new hair style, Sox (the cat) with a broken foot, or Chelsea getting her braces off before she heads to Stanford. When is the last time you saw a top story about Chrétien's family?

Every move in the White House is watched under a microscope and, if any of the allegations this past week pan out, rightfully so. American presidents do stupid things. Never in Canada would they catch Jean Chrétien sleeping with a twenty-something.

Canadians don't watch American TV because of a lack of Canadian pride or interest in our own country. Rather, it is so widely viewed based on it's value as entertainment. The American government gives us something to laugh about. We love turning on the television and watching video tapes of blurry people who are allegedly the president in a dark room with a prostitute.

Canadians should be proud of the fact their government is able to walk away at the end of the day for the most part, free of tabloid media coverage. Why make ourselves look bad when the United States government does it on such a regular basis? Two words – free entertainment.

Canada will continue to ride on the American media train which will follow Big Willie's style 'till all of the women from the back parts of Arkansas pop up. It's entertainment and, like the O.J Simpson trial, it takes us away from a life where our politicians are smarter and don't get caught.

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