Volume 91, Issue 67

Wednesday, January 28, 1998



Centre ice: Armour picks his team

By Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

After considering running for the University Students' Council presidency for the past few years, Ian Armour said he is now ready to run on a platform designed for students.

"It is one thing to be a USC president but I really want to be a student president," Armour said before describing himself as a social butterfly determined to stay in contact with the student population.

He intends to achieve this goal through several initiatives outlined in his campaign platform which asks students to "Join the A-Team" – a slogan named after not only himself, but also in keeping with the saying 'I love it when a plan comes together' from the popular mid-80s sitcom.

The first of several initiatives Armour hopes to launch if elected includes a student position paper composed of student reaction through letters written and compiled by the many student councils at Western. The paper would be presented to Western President Paul Davenport. "Davenport is asking for input so damn it – give him input."

Campus safety also tops the list of things to do. Armour said he is interested in not only initiating a campus safety audit, but also a Student Safety Council comprised of Foot Patrol, the Student Emergency Response Team, the University Police Department and Events Staff.

A USC consumer affairs commissioner may also be created if Armour is elected. The commissioner would report on bargains found around the city – from the cheapest place to buy CDs to the best place for pizza. "There is a nominal fee to print something like this but if it saves students money it's worth it," Armour said.

In addition, Armour said he is looking to unify students on campus by rotating the location of University Students' Council meetings and keeping students updated of events through a regular publication, although he has yet to determine which publication.

Past USC initiatives Armour is evaluating include the Education Party of Canada initiative, an idea introduced by the current USC presidentl, Ryan Parks. Armour said he would like to hold a plebiscite referendum in order to gauge whether students really think this is a good idea and, if so, he hopes to look for external funding for its operation. "If it's a dead issue than it's a dead issue."

Armour is currently working on several other ideas including a Western-one card which could be used at both the Wave and The Spoke, but he said he did not want to commit himself to more than a few key issues because he is weary of promising things he can't deliver. "Keep it clean and keep it real," he said.

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