Volume 91, Issue 67

Wednesday, January 28, 1998



Perils of capitalism

Re: Capitalism a-ok, Jan.15

To the Editor:
I would love to ask Mr. Chivers the directions to his world, since the world he describes does not resemble the world in which I live. Rather, my world is one which has been raped by big business. Big business is not the liberating force which Mr. Chivers describes, rather it is the oppressor of millions of people worldwide.

I would challenge Mr. Chivers to go to Mexico City, walk through the shanties in which most of the people live and inform these individuals how wonderful capitalism is. For some reason I don't think they will share his view. After all, they don't have the automobiles, telephones, Internet and other luxuries which Mr. Chivers heralds as trophies of capitalist success. Why would they have these luxuries when they can barely afford to feed their children?

Or go to Nigeria and ask the government why Ken Sarawewa was sentenced to death for a trumped up murder charge. Might it have been because he challenged the oppressive and ecological disastrous practices of Shell Nigeria?

These big businesses that give western society such wonderful products like name-brand clothing, are the same ones oppressing the people of the developing world. One only has to look to the sweatshops in Latin America, where many products are produced. The women of these factories are virtual slaves, not even allowed to talk, let alone fight for equal treatment.

Finally, I would beg Mr. Chivers to open up his eyes to a world filled with oppression, poverty, misery and despair. These, and not Western luxuries, are the products of big business and the inhumane quest for profit.

Peadar Ruane
History III

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