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Thursday, January 29, 1998



Smokin' candidates talk to students

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PARTY OF FIVE. Left to right: Ian Armour, Brett Slade, Peter Hill, Jarmila Zakova and Warren Tilston.

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council presidential candidates had double the pleasure of talking to students yesterday as they participated in not one, but two separate forums.

Soon after the rally on Concrete Beach against rising tuition wrapped up, there was a forum in the University Community Centre's atrium. The question most students seemed to be concerned with was how the candidates were going to fight rising tuition costs.

Most candidates responded by suggesting plans to work with the university's administration. Presidential candidate Ian Armour said he is proposing a student position paper to voice students' concerns which could be presented to the people who make decisions regarding tuition increases.

Brett Slade said bringing the issue to Senate would be more effective, as he believes this is where the issue will be discussed first.

However, Jarmila Zakova believes a USC president should fight internally at trying to get those in higher positions to cut costs. "The administration has to tighten its budget," she said.

Peter Hill looked to the students for answers. Through the use of a plebiscite vote, he said he would seek student opinion before discussing the issue of tuition increases with anyone higher up.

Warren Tilston said he didn't have a current working plan to address the issue, but would like to get the whole student body together to fight rising tuition. "Until then we are not going to get anywhere," he said.

Armour, Hill and Slade added they would like to maintain a dialogue with Davenport to fight tuition increases.

Candidates then headed to the Shot last night for a forum hosted by the InterFraternity Council where members had some concerns regarding fraternity coverage in The Gazette.

All the candidates present last night agreed it was not their place to interfere with The Gazette but Armour, Slade and Tilston suggested the fraternities could improve their image by promoting some of their other events.

"The people who benefit [from the fraternities] are the ones who know and respect you, that's what counts," Hill added.

At the IFC forum, the candidates were also asked if they smoked pot, but instead of suggesting they didn't inhale like Bill Clinton, Tilston lifted his arm and Hill rose his halfway.

Scott Graham, president of the IFC council, stressed the question did not come from a member of the greek community.

Zakova was unable to attend the IFC forum due to exams.

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