Volume 91, Issue 68

Thursday, January 29, 1998



Center Ice: Taking a Hill-side tour

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

Peter Hill recalls his first year at Western when he did not know what the University Students' Council did for students and pictured it as a large, intimidating organization. This is what he wants to change as president.

"There has to be more of that outgoing and comfortable feel of the USC, especially with the president," Hill said. With his Popmart Tour, the theme of his campaign, he is hoping to spark the interest of Western students.

In line with this theme, Hill's campaign is divided into three sections. The first, "On Tour," promises to inform students of what the USC is doing for them. This includes holding presidential town hall meetings at every residence and affiliate college at least once during the year.

Hill also wants to have a regular phone-in show on CHRW and a monthly program on TV Western similar to the show Dave Tompkins had when he was USC president a year ago. He plans to get the message out to students by creating an Issues Promotions Committee which would focus on contentious issues around campus.

"Many students are aware issues exist but action cannot take place without information."

In the second category, "Customer Service," Hill promises to conduct a poll twice a year to ask students about issues most important to them and to get feedback on how the president and council are performing.

Customers of the Wave and The Spoke would find direct-line phones to one of the cab companies at their exits under another part of Hill's platform. He said this would improve campus safety because students would not have to call and wait outside the University Community Centre late at night.

Hill also promises to recruit more volunteers to the USC to help the currently over-burdened Internet commissioners and he wants to meet with the executives of the residents' councils once a month. This is to unite the different residences and maintain programming. "If they're united, they'll have a lot better chance of pulling things off."

The final "Outgoing Transmission" category plans to bring provincial and federal members of government to Western for forums as well as people like London Mayor Dianne Haskett and Western President Paul Davenport. This area of his platform is geared towards increasing the student image in the London area.

"It bothers me that many people in the community dread the day students move back in," Hill said. "I don't want the majority of students to be coloured in this light."

Other plans include creating an alumni relations commissioner to communicate to the alumni what the USC is doing.

Hill said he also supports the proposed bus pass.

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