Volume 91, Issue 68

Thursday, January 29, 1998



Political protest

Re: No place on campus, Jan.27

To the Editor:
Michael Bloom and Mark Zelunka make two misleading statements in their criticism of the protestor at Israel Day. Firstly, the Oxford dictionary defines political as "concerning the State or its government, or public affairs generally." As Israel Day is a celebration of the formation of a State, it is a political event and, in the authors' own words, a legitimate place for protest and debate. Second, the authors of the letter compare Israel Day to Islam Awareness Week, missing the crucial concept that protesting Israel's politics is not necessarily a protest of the Jewish religion. Peaceful protest at this political event was not, as the authors assert, a degradation of the Jewish people, but a challenge for each of us to become politically active in working towards ending the suffering of all peoples.

Kim Marrow
Biology III

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