Volume 91, Issue 68

Thursday, January 29, 1998



Challenge issued

Re: University Student's Constipation photo, Jan.23

To the Editor:
I do not wish to appear overly sensitive, however, a recent caption in The Gazette has left me feeling, well, offended. Allow me to elaborate. The Gazette was graced with a photo of our illustrious USC President Ryan Parks attending a recent boxfit class. The caption below the picture read, "University Student's Constipation." The description of the photo detailed both the nature of Ryan's participation and the nature of the boxfit program. The description of the program closed with the comment that the boxfit program, "offers a cardiovascular workout which is gentle, yet effective." It is with this description that I have a problem.

I can accept the caption and I applaud the wit of person or persons who came up with this snappy title. However, I resent the implication that any class that I teach (as I am certain my fitness colleagues would feel likewise) is a 'gentle' workout. I try hard, as do my colleagues, to make sure that each class I teach is challenging and exciting. I do my best to make sure that people leave my class crawling rather than walking. Knowing this, I am forced to wonder whether the person or persons who wrote this description have even attended a boxfit class in anything more than a purely observatory fashion. I believe that full participation in a few boxfit classes might cause you to revise your perception of the boxfit program at UCC. To this end I offer a challenge.

I would feel honoured if you attended one or more of my classes so that I could assist you in developing a clearer perception of the boxfit program, i.e. put your money where your mouth is. I can assure you that I will do my best to see that you think of me whenever you move for the days that follow.

Christopher Raynor
Fitness Instructor, UCC

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