Volume 91, Issue 69

Friday, January 30, 1998

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Driving home issues

By Sharon Navarro and Donna MacMullin
Gazette Staff

It was round four of the University Students' Council presidential Olympics yesterday and amidst a crowded cafeteria in the Engineering Sciences Building, candidates were questioned on various issues, including their stance on the proposed universal bus pass.

Students will have the chance to vote on the $75 pass through a referendum on the USC presidential election ballot. If passed, the $75 will be collected through undergraduate student fees and students will not have the opportunity to opt out.

When candidates were questioned yesterday on their stance over the proposed universal bus pass, all were satisfied with the notion of allowing students to choose whether they wanted the non opt-outable pass, but the idea itself received mixed reviews.

Although Jarmila Zakova was initially unclear about the actual cost of the bus pass, once the fee was clarified she said she thought it was a good idea. "But I think students should be given the option to opt-out," she said.

Candidate Ian Armour also said he thought the $75 pass was a good deal for students. He highlighted how the pass could increase campus safety. "If students have the option of taking the bus, no one would have to walk home alone at night."

However, candidate Brett Slade was not in support of the idea. He questioned how the London Transit Commission would improve their quality of service, after receiving the approximately $1.5 million from students if the idea was passed. He said he would want to see more buses running, better quality buses and bus schedules extended until at least 2 a.m. so students could use the service after going out at night.

Warren Tilston was in favour of the bus pass, saying he uses the London Transit system all the time and he thinks it is a great place to talk to people.

Peter Hill also supported the universal bus pass idea, as he said he is a transit user. "I also think it's good for students in residence because it gives them a reason to go out into the community and see what's there," he said.

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CAMPAIGN KICK-START. Candidate Warren Tilston bares his sole at yesterday's forum.

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