Volume 91, Issue 69

Friday, January 30, 1998

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Winter wonderland

Re: Snow driving skills

To the Editor:
With the recent accumulation of snow I have been struck by the lack of skill many drivers at this university demonstrate. The main lacking seems to be primarily in the area of parking. The snow tends to blot out the yellow lines, thus most people leave way too much space on either side of their car (but always too little to park another car between). This inevitably leads to people using two spaces for one car. The end result is it becomes more difficult to find a space to park.

Next time you park, try to leave the appropriate space and if this is a problem, I suggest an advanced course in "parking for dummies" or turning in your drivers licence to the nearest government office. Remember: you are parking a car, not docking an ocean liner!

Chris McCreery
Political Science IV
North Eastern Divisional Autocross Champion, 1997
Sports Car Club of America

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