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Friday, January 30, 1998

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Nobes leaves Badgers seeing double

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IF YOU GALS AREN'T GOING TO PLAY FAIR, I'M TAKING MY BASKETBALL HOME. Co-captain Angela Nobes [7] took some abuse from the Brock Badgers Wednesday night as the Mustangs muscled their way to a 80-45 victory.

By Ian Ross

Gazette Staff

Is there an eye doctor in the house? This is the question the Brock women's basketball team was asking after spending Wednesday night developing double vision during a humiliating 80-35 at the hands of the Mustangs at Alumni Hall.

In what seemed like a scripted horror movie, every successful move performed by the Bagders was copied and doubled by their Mustang counterparts. Each basket was met by two from Western. Each steal on defence – matched. In the end, Western recorded 20 steals, four blocks, 24 assists and forced 40 turnovers – all exactly double that of their Badger counterparts.

Mustang head coach Bob Delaney was happy with his team's performance and pointed out the one improvement Western has been struggling to acquire all season. "We were consistent tonight and that is what our team needed to do."

Consistent enough to take the game out of Brock's hands early, the Mustangs still had trouble staying out of foul trouble, especially as the fatigue of the fourth quarter set in. In total, 37 fouls were called during the game – 17 of which were Western's.

Mustang co-captain Angela Nobes, who was called for only two fouls, feels Western is a fast-break team and needs to be aggressive – aspects she has incorporated into her game strategy.

"It's part of my game," she said. "I like to go hard. The bumps and bruises are something I take for the team."

As for the team, Nobes believes the squad should become more aggressive if they hope to succeed in the post season. "We need to get tougher underneath the basket and beat them up so they will be tentative later in the game," she said.

An emotional and loud player on the court, Nobes' aggressiveness once again assisted her to lead the team in points (24), assists (7) and steals (11). One of the best players in the country, she refuses to allow herself to take over the spotlight from the team.

"To be honest, I really have no personal goals this year," Nobes said. "I have achieved enough accolades. Team awards mean the most to me right now."

This is not to say that her teammates and coaches do not hold the highest respect for the fifth-year guard from Hamilton.

"Her experience means a lot to this team," Delaney said. "Things run a little smoother when she is on the floor."

Teammate Tanneke Blaauboer agrees, adding that it is Nobes' dedication to the team is what makes her their most valuable player. "Her focus is the team and what she can do to help out."

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