Volume 92, Issue 5
Friday, June 12, 1998
hakuna matata


Poor showing

This week thousands of students and parents made what could be one of their final trips to campus, to attend convocation ceremonies. It was the perfect time for parents to find out just why they sent their sons and daughters to Western. 

Too bad it didn't happen. 

Throughout the week parents filed through the University Community Centre, accompanying students renting their gowns, buying rings and framing their degrees. It was the perfect time for TV Western to demonstrate why they, combined with CHRW, collected $12.68 from every student this past year. 

Instead, they demonstrated they know how to channel surf. 

Those waiting in line in the atrium to get their degrees framed found themselves barely able to carry on a conversation because wrestling was blasting out of TV Western's televisions. This isn't the kind of programming that should be representing one of the University Students' Council's most heavily funded operations. 

CHRW and TV Western collected over $230,000 from students last year. $230,000 so their parents can come to Western and watch the best trash cable television has to offer. Why not just start showing The Jerry Springer Show

In addition to this extremely valuable programming, World Cup and Headline Sports highlights have been flowing through the television airwaves of the UCC. Anyone can go home, turn on their television set and watch these shows. If this is the type of programming which TV Western is striving to provide then there is no purpose in it being here. The USC might as well just hook-up cable to the televisions throughout the atrium and hire one permanent channel surfer. 

This past school year was a great one for TV Western. Programming improved dramatically over that of last year and a plethora of volunteers did some very good work. This is what should have been shown to parents. 

The coverage from the USC presidential election, which was broadcast live on Rogers Cable 10, could have been replayed. The Orientation Week video could have been shown, demonstrating to parents why students are fighting so hard to keep it. The Charity Ball coverage or even showing a broadcast from one of Western's football games would have impressed parents far more than what is happening in the world of wrestling. 

Granted, the amount of volunteers around at the moment isn't very high but it doesn't take a lot to slide in a videotape. This week was a very sorry one for a television station which looked like it was improving. 

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