Volume 92, Issue 5

Friday, June 12, 1998

hakuna matata


Newly remodelled airshow takes off

A photo journal by Tom Baumgartner and Geoff Robins

UH, WHAT'S THIS DIAL FOR? Canadian Snowbird pilots do a pre-flight check [above]. Below, 80 years after being shot down by a Canadian pilot, the Red Baron took to the skies over London.

THE ULTIMATE ANTI-SEPARATIST WEAPON – DOESN'T EVEN REQUIRE BOMBS. The CF-18, based in Bagatville, Quebec [above]. Below, defying the laws of gravity the YAK-55M put on a jaw-dropping show. Farther down, long lines for the Michigan ANG C130. At the bottom, the Chevy Shockwave jet truck billows flames before challenging a plane to a race.

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