Volume 92, Issue 5

Friday, June 12, 1998

hakuna matata


Social responsibility

Re: Vandal hits Western, June 5

To the Editor:

Thank you for informing students of this situation – awareness is very important to maintaining safety. However, I have serious concerns with the statement made by Jim Walden: "It's one of those issues that should be taken seriously but whether it will manifest itself in another form – I don't know." As the article describes it, an individual has progressed from vandalizing washrooms to expressing their disturbing views in riskier public venues such as tunnel walls. My concern is that Mr. Walden's statement may be perceived by the perpetrator as provocative. This individual may be paying attention to the media (i.e. The Gazette) and I am concerned this statement may invite further action.

I want The Gazette to know that printing this statement was socially irresponsible and may have put the women who work and study at Western at greater risk. If this individual decides to act, will some woman here on campus have to pay the price?

Sarah Eve Butler
Psychology II

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