Volume 92, Issue 4

Friday, June 5, 1998

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Finding sanity in the Unsane

By Tim Merrill
Gazette Staff

To say that New York power trio Unsane are just another noise driven guitar band is like saying a .357 Magnum is just another handgun. Both have been known to carve paths out of the backs of people's heads, but with the release of the band's new CD, Occupational Hazard, it appears more listeners will be the recipient of an aural lobotomy courtesy of New York's finest "noisemongers."

For ten years, Unsane have been carving a sonic path of destruction across the globe, releasing several full-length recordings and endlessly touring with bands such as Neurosis, Today Is The Day and Slayer. In regards to touring, Unsane drummer Vinny Signorelli feels it is vital to the band but after a solid two-year schedule of touring, a break was in order.

"We enjoy what we're doing and people who work with us like what we do," Signorelli says. "We've always tried to tour right and we went out for two years, but after being out for a while things kind of went dry. We had to stop and make it feel real again."

Unsane fired-up the creative coals once again, then regrouped in the studio with production god Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Melvins, Mr. Bungle) to put forth Occupational Hazard. In recording with Billy Anderson and mixing the record with Dave Sardy of Barkmarket fame, Unsane have once again managed to come across as subtly as a punch in the face.

"It was really easy working with both guys. They know exactly what the band is about and we trusted them completely. Billy was going to do the whole record but he had to work in South America, so we mixed the record with Dave," Signorelli explains.

The new recording also marks the first release Unsane has put out with Relapse Records. It is ironic to note that both Unsane and label mate's Today Is The Day signed to Relapse from the Amphetamine Reptile label.

According to Signorelli, "we were looking for something new, and Steve [Austin, from Today Is The Day] said go for it. We checked them out and liked what we saw."

With such titles of past recordings as Total Destruction and Scattered, Smothered, and Covered, it's easy to presume that Unsane aren't writing songs about unicorns and rainbows. In dealing with subject matter such as random violence, shootings, murder and corruption, Signorelli says, "our fan base knows what's going on. We're not preaching but we're definitely against corruption and shit on television and all the things that are fucked up in the world. We're not promoting violence at all, we're definitely against it."

Unsane begin their Canadian assault in Toronto June 8 and hit London June 11 with Hamilton's Shallow North Dakota. Those left standing after the show will know what it's like to experience a real occupational hazard.

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