Volume 92, Issue 4

Friday, June 5, 1998

george likes his chicken spicy


Out of right field

Tom Baumgartner/Gazette

HONEY, NOT HERE – THERE'S TOO MANY PEOPLE. OOOH... WELL, OKAY. Reform Party leader Preston Manning stands on stage with his wife Sandra shortly after being introduced Friday night.

Last weekend's Reform Party convention definitely had its fill of cracks about other political parties as well as other smirks that just seemed to come out of right field. The following are some of the wackiest tidbits overheard throughout the three day convention.

"What currently prevents the rekindling of the Canadian dream? Perhaps I should ask our Reform MPs to stand and give the answer because they stare across the aisle at the source of the problem everyday."
–Reform leader Preston Manningcriticizing the Liberal government.

"No matter how much you like your chair, you may not take it home with you."
–Chair of the opposition caucus Deborah Grey
referring to recent practices in the House of Commons.

"Took 25 years to even admit that budgets should be balanced? Talk about slow learning."
Manning on the Liberal government's approach
to fiscal responsibility.

"'Dull' is not in our vocabulary."
–Reform chair Harry Meyers at Thursday's opening ceremonies.

"If you want to wave the Canadian flag, we will not take it away from you."
Grey before starting Saturday's question and answer period.

"The buck stops here."
Meyers referring to decisions to be made
on Friday and Saturday

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