Volume 92, Issue 4

Friday, June 5, 1998

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World Cup fever hits Western

The World Cup will be getting under way in France in only five days and Gazette Sports Editor John Intini took to the streets of London and the Beach (Concrete that is) in an attempt to see if any students had taken an intermission from their summer studies to catch some World Cup fever. As was fairly obvious by almost all responses the World Cup soccer tournament has everyone a buzz. John's question was simple. What's all the fuss about?

"The World Cup is not just about soccer. It's about whose fans can drink the most beer and win the most fights in the stands. The game is a side-show to one of the most entertaining sporting events around – giant bar fighting. My money is with the Scots. Trust me they have some fans who can drink."
– Drew Gray, Kinesiology III

"What's all the fuss about?!! Come on. This is the only real chance that countries can go up against each other and show who truly has the best athletes. It's pretty tough to beat the most popular sport in the world. The Italians will definitely rebound from last time."
– Mike Alexander, Kinesiology III

"There might be a world championship in other sports but this is truly different. It's the World Cup, man. You only get a shot at this title every four years so everyone is out to do their best for their home country. I like Austria with a first round upset of the Italians."
– Tim Schoenhals, Geo-science III

"I think it is fairly obvious why there is such a buzz every time the World Cup rolls around. It is the greatest game in the world. It's war between countries but on the soccer field. Brazil is easily going to win the war again."
– Dave Soares, Sheridan College Business II

"It's a fun time to party. People get to cheer for a team that they can't name a player on, all in the name of nationalism. It's great. I'd cheer for Malta but I guess the Italian team will have to do."
– Vanessa Camenzuli, Psychology III

"The World Cup epitomizes sport, man power and nationalism. Everyone likes to get a little patriotic every now and then. This is just a forum through which people can express themselves."
– Ian Morrison, U of T International relations III

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