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Wednesday, March 4, 1998



CD REVIEWS: Blues and the outback

Various Artists
Blues Brothers 2000:
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Blues Brothers legacy is being relived and the soundtrack for the movie meets all expectations. Predictably, the compilation is mainly composed of blues artists, but the CD also dabbles in bluegrass and gospel.

The Blues Brothers Band is the feature attraction as the band is involved with 11 of the 18 tracks on the disc, but just about every song has a unique combination of guest artists ranging from Johnny Lang to Erykah Badu to Bo Diddley. The collection is rounded off with three pieces of dialogue from the movie.

The highlight of the CD is the Louisiana Gator Boys. The band was put together for Blues Brothers 2000 and are featured on two tracks. The band is composed of 17 blues greats, including Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Clarence Clemons and Issac Hayes among others. Although these phenomenal musicians do not have a chance to fully express their individual talents, it is still a unique musical experience.

Another great musician highlighted on the CD is Blues Traveler's John Popper. The group contributes one tune, but Popper also guests on several Blues Brothers Band tracks, adding his uniquely furious harmonica to the blues mix.

The Soundtrack is a blues collection that is accessible to all listeners. The compilation combines great music with humour to provide an experience representative of The Blues Brothers legacy.

–Neil Malhotra

Licker Bottle Cozy

The continent that gave you Crocodile Dundee, the band Midnight Oil, Fosters Lager and The Crocodile Hunter now unleashes its newest sensation on North America, Grinspoon. That's right mate, louder than a didgeridoo, faster than a wallaby and tougher than a kick-boxing kangaroo comes their album entitled Licker Bottle Cozy. This five-song release is sure to be a favourite among those who can find it in a record store.

The song lyrics are mainly personal, giving the listener something to relate to. They are also quite intense and do not mince words. Consequently, the album comes with a warning label pertaining to this aspect.

Grinspoon's guitarist executes crunchy melodies, strategically adding some quick and heavy solos. This excellent guitar work is laid over top of the band's impeccable rhythm section. The bassist perpetrates intricate and interesting bass lines, while the drummer hammers out speedy, but controlled rhythms.

Tracks on this album are short; the five songs total just over 15 minutes. Combine that with the speed and ferocity with which the band plays and this album feels as if it only lasted for a few minutes. However, it leaves the listener with a solid memory of the blistering tracks and a need to listen again.

–Eric Orticello

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