Volume 91, Issue 81

Wednesday, March 4, 1998




Smokin' Joe's comin' to town

The McKellar Room in the University Community Centre will be heating up tomorrow as Joe Fontana, Member of Parliament for London North Centre, will visit Western to chat with students.

At noon, Fontana will be discussing issues surrounding education and the Liberal government's latest initiatives announced in their 1998 budget.

Students will have the opportunity to ask questions on any topic, said Michael Rubinoff, federal affairs commissioner for the University Students' Council.

More than just a needle and thread

Home economics students may soon suffer from an identity crisis due to the changing of the department's name to "human ecology."

The new name was passed at a Feb. 19 Senate meeting where acting chair of home economics Alicia Garcia said Western was one of the last schools to still be using the name home economics.

"Everyone has been changing the name – it gives the perception of just sewing and cooking and the program has evolved much more into the scientific realm," she said.

The name will officially change in September 1998.

Car shopping

In the past two weeks, the University Police Department had numerous reports of thefts from vehicles parked in campus parking lots and actual vehicle thefts.

On Feb. 12, the UPD received two reports of vehicles which were broken into in Springett parking lot where stereos were stolen. Later that day, another stereo was stolen from a vehicle in the Huron parking lot, McGowan said.

Also, CDs were taken from a vehicle parked in Saugeen parking lot on Feb. 25, she added. That same day a stolen vehicle was reported from Glenmore parking lot. The Honda Civic was later recovered by campus police in Saugeen's parking meter area with minor damages, McGowan said.

She advised students to not store valuables in open view in a vehicle and to report any incident or suspicious behaviour in parking lot areas to the police immediately.
–Sara Marett

New options are born

Women at Western now have a new option when it comes to birth control as the newest form of the pill is now available through Student Health Services.

The new contraceptive, called Alesse, was unveiled in January at Women's College Hospital in Toronto and is now available for prescription, said Judy Leyshon, clinic administrator of Student Health Services.

However, the new pill, which is supposed to be advantageous for having less side effects because of its lower dosages of estrogen and progestin, is not currently covered under the student drug plan, Leyshon added.

Bob Klanac, administrator of the student health plan, said drugs which are covered are usually fixed and put into place in September and this new drug could possibly be added if there is enough demand for it by students.
–Donna MacMullin

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