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Wednesday, March 4, 1998



Contest of champs

Re: Hill scores in spirit of competition, Feb.18

To the Editor:
I would like to respond to Peter Hill's 'disgust' with the 19,000 or so Western undergrads who did not vote in the student council elections. I have done my honours undergrad here, as well as my first year of law. I have continued my education at Western because I love this school and this city. Still, the one thing that I have detested, as well as numerous other students I have talked to during my stay, is the 'Corporation,' a.k.a. the University Students' Council. I do not know what has a larger bureaucracy, Western's administration or our students' council.

I admit in my first and second year I was interested in the elections. I quickly became disillusioned when I realized every year it was the same thing: a number of Western political clones who espouse the status quo, but claim to be different. Belushi ('96-97) was a breath of fresh air and I voted for him. He could not cut through the established bureaucracy to make significant change and furthered my disillusionment.

I still follow the elections every year. This year I did not vote, although Warren Tilston nearly inspired me to believe. The choice between four clones and a well-intentioned person did not inspire me to waste the 10 minutes to vote.

It has gotten to the point where I do not care that the USC does not listen to me. I do not vote because you are what you are – bureaucracy. I am not saying the USC does not do anything for the students – with that much money you must do at least one thing. I am saying, and I believe a number of other students at this university agree, I do not want to participate in a popularity contest. Because when you remove your useless, regurgitated platforms, that is what remains of the USC presidential elections.

Trevor Speirs
Law I

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