Volume 91, Issue 81

Wednesday, March 4, 1998



Nation betrayed

Re: Jean Charest's political actions

To the Editor:
Conservative Leader Jean Charest is a man who professes to have Canada's best interests at heart when he speaks about Canadian unity, but does he really? For instance, during last June's federal election, Charest pledged to pass on the same country he inherited from his parents down to his children – a seemingly patriotic statement.

On November 25, 1997, a motion was introduced into the House of Commons to establish "strengthening Canadian unity" as Parliament's "highest priority." As well, the motion affirmed Parliament's dedication to the Calgary Declaration, a framework for building Canadian unity. Despite the fact that the Calgary Declaration was drafted by nine federalist premiers, including three Conservative premiers, Charest and his caucus sided with the Bloc Quebecois and voted against the motion. Even more disturbing is the fact that Charest knowingly tolerates Quebec separatists within his own party. In fact, during the 1997 federal election, two active members of the Parti Quebecois along with two active members of the Bloc Quebecois ran as Tory candidates in Quebec. Even more stunning is the fact that, Andre Harvey, Conservative MP for Chicoutami, bragged in an October 1997 article in Le Soleil that he was "as much of a Quebec nationalist as the members of the Bloc Quebecois." Imagine such a treasonous statement coming from a man who sits under the leadership of Charest in the House of Commons! Whatever ever happened to defending Canada, Jean?

The fact that Charest knowingly harbours separatists in his caucus speaks much louder than his cheap patriotism during the last election. Instead of working against Quebec separatists, the true enemies of Canada, Charest consistently votes with the Bloc and allows self-professed separatists to sit in the PC caucus. Canadians must be made aware of this blatant hypocrisy from Charest; hypocrisy which is dangerous to the very cause of Canadian unity.

Ray Novak
UWO Reform Club

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