Volume 91, Issue 82

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Lady Liberty


This elevator is going up

By Shawn Despres
Gazette Staff

"I'm just packing up," says Elevator to Hell founding member Rick White, on the phone from his home in Moncton, New Brunswick. White and his fellow band-mates are preparing for a two-week mini-tour through Quebec and Southern Ontario.

Elevator to Hell is made up of guitarist Rick White and drummer Mark Gaudet, both formerly of Eric's Trip, as well as bassist Tara White, who used to play with Orange Glass and is also Rick's wife. When asked if working with his wife ever puts a strain on their relationship, White answers "No."

"You might as well be together all the time. I feel the same way about a band and when it comes time to stop, you just stop altogether instead of dragging it on and having breaks. Actually Eric's Trip ended this way I think. We just had no time to waste around. We just wanted to move on."

Elevator to Hell originated in 1994 when White wrote songs on his own. Around this time he, along with the other three members of Eric's Trip, all began to release solos.

When Eric's Trip disbanded in 1996, Elevator stopped being a side project and became White's full-time job. He released his first album, Parts 1-3, with Subpop Records. In 1997, he released Parts 4-5 with Astronavigation Records, as well as Eerieconsiliation on Subpop. The band has also released a slew of seven-inch singles.

One would think that releasing all of these recordings would be a lot of work. "To me, recording is just part of what I do. It's more of a diary-type process. I just try and record something every couple of days," White says. "It doesn't seem like work, it's just something I've done for a long time. So recordings just kind of pile up with us."

The band's music has been described as trippy, heavy and dark, but incredibly lovely ear candy. In comparison to Eric's Trip, Elevator to Hell is a hell of a lot louder when they scream and quite a bit more quiet when they whisper.

"Lately I've been trying to write about more world stuff instead of relationship stuff, which was Eric's Trip. It's all the same to me, whether it's your girlfriend or something heavier, like death or government. I try not to get too heavy, but it's all just written kind of non-descriptively anyway. I don't know if it makes sense the way I'm talking about it."

Elevator to Hell is playing Call the Office tonight with the Monoxides. Then it's off to Toronto for a couple of shows as part of Canadian Music Week. The band also plans on releasing an EP on the Murderecords label around May. "It's all finished, I'm just working on the cover," reveals White. "We want to release something before this summer so that we have something new to play and tour with."

After releasing the album, the band plans to tour Canada and the U.S. for a couple of months. They've also recently finished three videos with Subpop that should get to MuchMusic soon. "Hopefully they'll play them on MuchEast, the Wedge, or Loud," says White. From the looks of it, Elevator to Hell is on the way up.

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