Volume 91, Issue 82

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Lady Liberty



Rhyme's reason

Aspiring poets can test their skills with fridge magnet poetry in a competition at the Book Store this Saturday.

The Book Store is bringing in an old fridge for the event and will give contestants five minutes to combine the words on the magnets into a poem to be considered by judges early next week.

The event is being held to celebrate Elizabeth Barrett Browning's birthday – the poet who penned "How do I love thee, let me count the ways."

The magnetic poetry kits have been a huge fad in the United States since their introduction in the early '90s and are just starting to pick up steam here in Canada, said event organizer Carolyn Young. Each kit contains 440 pieces which can be arranged to form poems or stories. There are now about a dozen different thematic kits from kids to romance to sports, Young added.

The winner will receive The Magnetic Poetry Book of Poetry and a bookstore book bag.

Parlez-vous francais?

The deadline for applications to the Trois-Pistoles summer french immersion program has been extended to March 6 due to a 25 per cent drop in applications this year.

Students taking at least three full-time courses are eligible for one of 390 bursaries offered through Western to cover the costs of tuition and boarding with a family. The program is open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents regardless of their proficiency with the language and students receive full credit from Western for their courses.

Maryanne Giangregorio, administrative assistant for the program, said even those who start with no french language skills can learn to communicate by the end of the program.

–Gord Westmacott

Get out your hard hats, girls

Western's committee of women in engineering from the faculty of engineering science is hosting a career day for high school females in Grades 9 and 10 from the London area.

"There is still a tendency for girls to drop out of science and math in high school," said Marlene Westfall, an organizer of the event to promote women in engineering.

She added she hopes the day will promote opportunities in engineering by giving tours of the faculty, taking part in experiments and allowing the young women some hands-on experience.

–Claire Lafrance

The envelope please

The votes are in on this year's teachers with the most golden stars.

The university's Senate Subcommittee on Teaching Awards has chosen the winners of the Edward G. Pleva awards and the Marilyn Robinson award for excellence in teaching.

Mark Cheetham in the department of visual arts, Rebecca Coulter in the department of educational policy studies in the faculty of education, Jane Howell of the Richard Ivey School of Business and Don Morrow of the school of kinesiology in the faculty of health sciences are all recipients of the Edward G. Pleva awards.

The Marilyn Robinson award has been given to Jane Leney in the department of french.

–Sara Marett

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