Volume 91, Issue 82

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Lady Liberty


Too much Haylor

Re: Picture saturation

To the Editor:
I'm a first-year student and normally I would never write to the paper, but I feel I must say something when it comes to The Gazette putting so many pictures of Jenn Haylor in the sports section.

It seems every time there is a story about the girls basketball team, you people always put her picture in the paper. I'm sure she is a great player, but what about the rest of the team? Would it kill you to put a picture of the other co-captain on the team? I believe if it wasn't for her name she wouldn't get all the attention. I admit I don't watch the team, but I'm sure other girls on the Mustangs would love to see themselves in the paper instead of Haylor all the time. I don't know anyone on the team, but I can recognize Haylor any day of the week just 'cause she's there all the time.

I hope in the future The Gazette publishes a snap-shot of a bench warmer making a basket, so she can show her folks and later on in life show her grandkids a picture of herself when she was in her prime! As a sports fan, I just want to hear about the unknowns of the teams.

Charlie Grahek
Kinesiology I

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